V1CE Description

V1CE is a digital business card platform that provides a more environmentally friendly way for people to network and share their contact information. Instead of traditional paper business cards, V1CE offers digital business cards that can be customized and shared easily.

With V1CE, you can choose from different templates like a contact card or social media builder to include things like your name, phone number, email, and social profiles. You also have a lot of space to write more about yourself

So, if you want to tell your life story, V1CE gives you the room to do that. But the main thing is that it allows you to share all the important details about yourself with new connections.

Also with V1CE, you’re not limited to just showing someone your profile. You have the flexibility to redirect users to a custom URL of your choosing instead of just your V1CE profile page. This gives you more control over where people end up after receiving your digital business card.

V1CE also offers different NFC-enabled products that let you easily link a physical card to your full online profile. In other words, you get a decent way to share your profile during an in-person event using V1CE’s variety of NFC business cards and accessories like back-of-phone tags.

V1CE Features

  • Multiple digital business cards: You can, for instance, have a contact card with your phone number and email address info and a separate one that lists your social media pages alone.
  • Direct link: Switch your card such that upon sharing it via NFC or QR code, people go to a custom page instead of your digital business card online on V1CE.
  • Statistics: Know how many people viewed your contact info to gauge your performance.

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