Popl Description

Popl is a digital solution for exchanging business cards. It lets you create an online version of your card that includes all your contact details plus things like social links and photos.

Popl does more to enhance the actual sharing experience. It offers a variety of NFC products that make it easy to share by tapping.

When you meet someone new, instead of awkwardly swapping pieces of paper, you can just tap your NFC business card or phone tag (embedded on your phone’s back) on their phone. This instantly transfers all your info to their phone securely, and they don’t need any app for access.

The tap-to-share is way more smooth and memorable than the old paper method. But Popl also gives you options like QR codes if the other person doesn’t have NFC. Either way, both parties’ contacts are automatically saved in the Popl app so you never lose track of a connection.

Another interesting thing is that Popl makes it easy to represent an entire team. You can create digital cards for all your coworkers right from your account. That way, if a client or partner wants to get in touch with someone else on your team, you’ve got all the right contacts handy.

Popl Features

  • Numerous ways to share: These include PopCodes (special QR codes), iPhone widgets, NameDrop, link sharing via text, Apple/Google wallet, virtual backgrounds, NFC-powered Popl products, and more
  • Lead capture functionalities: Popl offers customized lead capture forms and contact management abilities
  • CRM integrations: Popl can connect with 5,000+ other apps and platforms

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