Uniqode Description

Uniqode, formerly Beaconstac, is a QR code and digital business card platform that makes it super easy to network and share your contact info, even without an app. Even if you aren’t always the most tech-savvy, Uniqode guides you step-by-step to create professional-looking QR codes without being an expert. 


What’s neat is that with Uniqode, you can send your digital business card right to someone’s Apple or Google Wallet. Not only do they get your details hands-free, but you can also get their contact info in return.

The setup is simple with no complicated configurations needed. Within minutes you’re able to make incredible customized digital business cards with unique QR codes that uphold your brand identity.

You can have recipients visit your site browse your product or services, contact you via phone or email, and more. Uniqode also integrates seamlessly into the tools you may already be using for CRM and various business tasks. 

While you can share your profile online, Uniqode doesn’t offer physical NFC cards to simplify face-to-face interactions (by tapping to share). Still, it’s a user-friendly option for digitizing business cards and collecting contacts on the go.

Uniqode Features

  • Customized digital business cards: You can play with lots of color variations, QR code styles, and other elements
  • Dynamic QR codes: When your information changes, you can update it without the need for a new QR code
  • Integrations: Access all your customer information from one place with 5,000+ CRM and HR tool integrations

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