ZappyCards Description

ZappyCards is a platform that offers Google review cards and stands to help businesses like yours grow through customer reviews. Their solution aims to make the review process effortless for customers with a simple tap. 

ZappyCards has developed NFC-enabled cards and stands that allow customers to easily leave a review for your business with just one tap without the hassle of opening apps or typing. This saves customers time while making it convenient for them to share their feedback.

The cards and stands are designed to work smoothly with any smartphone that has NFC technology, whether it’s an Apple, Samsung, or Google device. However, the customer’s phone needs to be connected to either data or WiFi for the review to go through.

ZappyCards prides itself on offering an easy installation process too. You get a simple 6-step PDF guide to help you set up the product in your store or business location yourself with no issues. Once installed, it’s ready for customers to use right away to leave you reviews. 

By making the review process so effortless, ZappyCards aims to attract more customers and help you get a boost in reviews. And, more positive reviews are known to help improve search engine optimization and rankings on Google too.

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